Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday - Stormy seagulls

I took the opportunity last week to go out and see the story seas on the south coast of england. Apparently the worst storm in 20 years. It was certainly the biggest and roughest sea i had ever seen (being 20 years of age that made sense 0_0). There were pieces of star fish, sea weed and shark eggs on paths that were usually a large distance from the tide mark.  
However after doging a few waves, and a few failed attempts at large wave photographs i noticed large groups of seagulls were still on the stormy waters. They were sticking together and jumping over the breaking waves, but riding the waves that were not breaking yet. It was fascinating to watch. I assume they were in large groups so that there was less chance of them missing an oncoming dangerous wave. These are the best of my shots of that behavior.

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