Monday, 16 March 2015

Toad in a pond

I am currently house sitting for a month and I am surrounded by cool and interesting wildlife, on the first evening I saw a deer in the garden (which had gone by the time I got the camera). My most recent trip resulted in this photo.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Spring time Curlew

The curlew is one of the u.k's 4 wetland birds flagged as being at most risk. Thankfully in my area (the south coast) they are making a massive comeback, not that this is based on hard evidence, purely the fact I see several every trip whereas I used to be lucky to glimpse one. This is the first bird I every photographed, and at the time I had no idea what the bird was or how to use my camera in that fact. It was nice to get a photo I am happy with today after about 3 years of trying and practice.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Brent Geese

As promised, Brent Geese. These birds winter here in large numbers especially at Pagham harbour and can be seen flying in groups made up of thousands of individuals. It was recently discovered that  birds such as these, when migrating not only fly in that trademark arrow formation to save energy but also but they also time their wing beats. One will time its downward motion so as to take advantage of the gust created by the goose in front of it. This means that they can migrate further without stopping due to them being more energy efficient. These particular geese come all the way from Siberia.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Morning Blackbird

Took a trip down to good old Pagham harbour this morning, and tried out the new lens I got for my 21st birthday. Saw some amazing things as this time of year the Brent Geese are here for winter from Siberia. However, as it turns out the photo I was most happy with was this photo of a foraging blackbird (geese photos will appear soon).
ISO - 1000