Monday, 10 February 2014

The Mystery Raptor?

I haven't posted much on my blog recently as i have been very busy, college, life etc. However due to the floods my train route now has a bus replacement service and takes me and my friend who i commute with (Megan) past a overflowing river. On one journey back last week we saw a large white bird.

Usually i would accept i have no idea what something is when i see it and look it up when i have the time, but this really bugged me. Especially because i had been trying to learn all of Britain birds of prey in detail and i still didn't know what it was. All we (me and megan) could really remember after seeing it from the bus window was that it was white on its chest with dark wings and it was very very large.

Therefore this weekend when my girlfriend Debby was visiting we went to look for it. When we arrived we got amazing views of a common buzzard. We watched for quite a while as it used a dead tree to spot movement below and ambush its prey.

However unknowingly to me Debby had sneaked off, determined to beat me at my own game and spot the mystery bird (which me and Megan had narrowed down to either a honey buzzard or osprey by now). She pointed out the smallest white patch in the thickest trees which to me, in all honesty seemed like a clearing, but as i was telling her that it moved.

At this point i became, admittedly a little over excited. As it was white, and a little bigger than the near by common buzzard. Even though this was our only view (below). A couple of minutes later however it shuffled along its branch and gave us a better look.

Have a guess at what you think it is, comment or keep it to yourself. I will post an clearer image with I.D by this time next week. I know its a bad image, and the reveal is not of top quality, but its just a bit of fun :). Also well done to Debby for the spot :D.