Saturday, 9 November 2013

Red Squirrel ?

This is no ordinary red squirrel. I am lucky enough to have grandparents that live in the south of Spain. They live in a lovely area, very remote, plenty of wildlife and not too far from a nation park called Sierra Espuna. This is a wonderful place, full of interesting wildlife such as golden eagles, cross bills and red squirrels. However in 1967 a sub species was discovered. This was named the Murcia Red Squirrel  due to the area of Spain it was found in.

I was able to take this after a lovely lunch in a cafe in the middle of the park. I spotted a couple playing, chasing each other out of the cafe window. I rudely grabbed my kit and left the table. But i was able to get the shot of this little guy as he realised i was there. One of if not the most rare wildlife encounters of my life so far :).

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