Sunday, 24 November 2013

Magnolia, Kew gardens.

This isnt a recent photograph. I have been unable to get out and about and take any photographs recently so i am uploading this one for now as i haven't posted in a while. I am lucky enough to be able to visit family in London regularly. On one of my visits we took a trip to Kew Gardens. It was my first time in Kew Gardens and i would highly recommend it. Even if (like me) you are not particularly interested in flowers or horticulture. It was still an enjoyable day and was full of interesting plants, flowers, trees and wildlife such as ring necked Parakeets.

I was asked to take a photograph of this magnolia as it is a favorite of my dads partner. I was happy too as it was a very aesthetically pleasing.  I took this in may, and because of its colour and the bright natural sunlight i was able to use a low ISO, 100. This has made for what i believe to be a very clear and sharp photograph that i am very happy with.

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