Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cetti's Warbler

Sorry its been a while, but hopefully the next couple of images will be worth it. Recently at my local market i purchased full camouflage clothing. Yes its not exactly fashionable but i had heard that it really makes a difference when it comes to getting close to wildlife, and is a lot cheaper than a super telephoto lens. So a couple of weeks ago i got up at around 4:00 AM and walked to my local country park. I saw a lot of interesting things and would highly recommend getting up early one day to see it for yourself.
However once i saw some commotion in the bushes i crept as close as i dared and sat still. I was lucky enough to be watching several pairs of cetti's warblers feeding their young, and i'm pretty sure they never noticed me, especially as one flew right over my head. I want to go back again and get a photo where it isn't on barbed wire but until now this will do, as my first Cetti's warbler photo :)

ISO - 2000