Monday, 10 March 2014

New camera... coming soon !!!

Just a little update, i am planning on buying a new set up in order to get some better photographs. My 1100D was a fantastic camera whilst i was learning but i feel it is time for an up grade. I will be getting a Canon 70D. I chose this camera because it can reach a high level of ISO with little noise, has almost 9 more megapixels than my current camera and has a very clever little flip out touch screen that could come in very handy. It also has many other little improvements but these are the key ones.

To go with my new camera i am also buying a new telephoto lens, the Sigma 150mm - 500mm. This will allow me a lot further reach which is often needed in my case. Some would have suggested a smaller canon L lens with a teleconverter, but having compared the options this new sigma lens has amazing reviews (with the weight seeming to be the only down side). In the future i also hope to get a teleconverter to go with it to give me even more reach, but one step at a time :). As soon as i get it i will be heading out to take some photographs of course, as soon as i get one i am happy with it will be posted on here with a mini review of the camera and lens. Cant wait :).