Thursday, 17 October 2013

Maybe one day :(

After the wildlife photograph of the year results were announced a couple of days ago i have been reading the details on my favorite photography. I was very pleased to realise that Pål Hermansen, the person who took that photo, had used the same brand as mine :) (cannon).

However after some internet browsing i soon realised that that sort of camera was way out of reach for me :/. I currently use a EOS 1100D. Pål Hermansen however was using a EOS 5D mark 3. This is almost £2,700 more than mine.

Although there is a silver lining, looking into cannons range a bit more i realised i may be able to afford, in the not to distant future, a more advanced camera for around £500 :). Maybe one day.

Its worth checking out the wildlife photographs of the year, some excelent shots, well done to all involved :).
Wildlife photograph of the year

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